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Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel
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1 October 2012

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This is a add-in to the MS Excel that adds more than 100 functions to the existing set of functions.

Kutools for Excel includes more than 100 functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. With any significant business problem you have to handle not so trivial spreadsheets with repetitive operations many a times. This is a something one cannot avoid when dealing with charts, reports or tables. Searching through blank sheets or cells could become very tiring and so on. This tool adds necessary functions that avoid these problems or to let you do things easily. This tool adds to existing functions and enhances them. You would be able to switch to another worksheet as the kutools lets you see all the workbooks, worksheets, columns and names in a side pane and you could pick off the required one quickly and easily.

Settings can be toggled such as show/hide Excel Built-in Menus, Grid Lines, Scroll Bar, Sheet Tabs, Formula Bar, Status Bar and Zero Value. Work area size could be increased so that more data is visible in a display. Workbook and worksheet tools that are significant include merge and split Excel workbooks, Backup current workbook, Open containing folder and Auto open Those Workbooks Next Time, etc. Synchronize worksheets, Sort worksheets, Rename multiple worksheets, Create List of Sheet Names, Copy/New Multiple Worksheets, Create Sequence Worksheets, Perpetual Calendar and Delete Blank Worksheets are some worksheet related functions. Other features that add value are functions in the areas of text tools, select tool, delete tools, import/export, etc.

Publisher's description

Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel. It frees you from time-consuming operations.
Part of features are as follows.
1. Snap: Save Snapshots of Current Workbook, Restore Snapshot.
2. View: Navigation Pane (just like in Word), Change Work Area Size, Reading Layout (help to quickly browse huge amounts of data), Toggle Hidden Columns/Worksheets Visibility, Toggle View Setting, and more Show/Hide features.
3. Range Converter: Merge/Unmerge Same Cells, Flip Horizontal/Vertical Range, Transpose Table Dimentions, Transform/Swap Ranges.
4. Content Converter: Multiple Date Format Recognizer and Converter, Currency Conversion, Unit Conversion, Spell Out Numbers.
5. More Range Features: Combine Columns/Rows/Cells without Data Losing, Round Without Formula, Fill Cell with Displayed Value, Compare Ranges, Prevent Duplicate Entries, Copy Multiple Ranges at Once.
6. Select: Multiple Ranges Helper, Interval Rows and Columns, Merged/Max/Min/Error Cells, Specific Cells, Cells with Format.
7. Insert: Title Rows, Blank Columns/Rows, Date Picker, Sequence Number, Range Randomize Utilities.
8. Delete: Blank/Hidden/Visible Rows and Columns, Web Controls, All Macros, Charts/Pictures/Lines/Objects/Shapes/Boxes in Sheets.
9. Text: Remove Spaces, Change Case, Remove by Position, Reverse Text Order, Add Text, Delete Characters, Replace Accented Characters (in Custom List).
10. Formula: Exact Copy without Changing Reference, Convert Formula Reference in Multiple Cells, Replace Range Names.
11. Workbooks: Merge Multiple Workbooks, Split Workbook...
12. Worksheets: Split Range into Multiple Sheets, Sort/Rename Multiple Sheets, Create List of Sheets Names, Create Custom Sequence Sheets, More...
13. Import/Export/Print: Print Multiple Columns (Save Paper), Print Current Page, Insert Paging Subtotal, More...
14. More Features: Find and Repair Broken Links, Change Comment Shape and more Comment Features...
Kutools for Excel
Kutools for Excel
Version 5.10
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